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Title: Wrestling in college and the recruitment game: YOU NEED TO READ THIS!
Post by: coachsmithwick on March 23, 2021, 12:11:26 PM
Now that the college wrestling season is over, college coaches are hitting the recruiting trail hard. It’s peak recruiting season! Some of you think that they will come knocking on your door or make the first contact. Others of you may have signed up for a recruiting service that contacts coaches for you. Don’t put your college plans in someone else’s hands! To do the recruiting process right, you must do the work.

As the leading expert in the college recruiting process, I believe that there's a college program that's well suited for any student athlete that wants to wrestle at the next level. Check this out…only 2% of high school athletes are highly recruited. This means the remaining 98% have to fend for themselves. That’s why I say you must do the work!

My patented Recruiting Accelerator program will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to become a high value recruit with the ability to market yourself to college coaches and admissions officers. I will show you exactly what it takes to become a high value recruit and how to find your best college fit.

Schedule a complimentary breakthrough call with me to see if my Recruiting Accelerator program is for you. There’s limited spots available for the next class which starts April 21st.

Say you heard about the Recruiting Accelerator program from Frank Smithwick and you’ll receive a fast action price!

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Tanner Sewell
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