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Knockout Christmas Classic in Kissimmee, FL Dec. 21-22, 2022

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We just wrapped up our 2021 Knockout Christmas Classic at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, FL. 

Dates for next year are December 21-22, 2022.  We also offer Girls and Middle School divisions.  Let me know if you are interested in bringing your team. 

2021 Placewinners
1st Place - Gabriel Tellez of Southwest Miami
2nd Place - Rylan Ibold of Buford HS State 1st
3rd Place - Patrick Jones of Wellington Community Hs State 3rd
4th Place - Colt Brown of Lake Gibson
5th Place - Camren French of Charlotte Hs State 5th
6th Place - Sebastian Degennaro of Jensen Beach Beast of the East 3rd
1st Place - Ty Tice of Eastside State 1st, State 2nd
2nd Place - Tyler Washburn of Palmetto Ridge H.S. State 1st, KO 2nd, Fargo 8th
3rd Place - Roman Lermer of Jesuit State 2nd, GFC 4th
4th Place - Nathaniel Williams of South Dade
5th Place - AJ Piatt of Cass
6th Place - Gian Ortiz of Jensen Beach
1st Place - Cole Hunt of Cass State 1st (2x), State 2nd, NHSCA 1st, KO 1st, Flo No. 13
2nd Place - Drew Gorman of Buford HS Fargo 4th, Flo No. 19
3rd Place - Ethan Vugman of Bartram Trail H.S. State 4th, KO 6th
4th Place - Ryan Mooney of Jensen Beach State 4th
5th Place - Maddox McArthur of Buford HS
6th Place - Adrian Morales of South Dade State 1st, State 3rd, State 4th, KO 6th
1st Place - Jake Crapps of Cass State 3rd, NHSCA 1st, GFC 1st, Super 32 2nd, KO 2nd, Flo No. 2
2nd Place - Andrew Austin of Charlotte Hs State 1st (2x), State 5th, GFC 1st, KO 2nd
3rd Place - George Maholtz of Eastside
4th Place - Phoenix Alyea of Skyline State 2nd, State 3rd
5th Place - Ethan Sellers of Colquitt County State 3rd, State 6th, KO 5th
6th Place - Yanni Vines of Thompson HS State 1st (2x), State 3rd, NHSCA 2nd
1st Place - Braden Basile of Jesuit State 1st (2x), State 2nd, Ironman 3rd, KO 1st, NHSCA 3rd
2nd Place - Logan Paradice of Colquitt County
3rd Place - Hunter Sturgill of Heritage UWW 5th
4th Place - Russell Raabe of Ft Pierce Central State 2nd, State 4th
5th Place - Ryan Duguay of Jensen Beach State 4th
6th Place - Josh Domino of Skyline State 2nd
1st Place - Tom Crook of Jesuit State 1st (3x), Super 32 4th, Ironman 7th, KO 1st, Flo No. 6
2nd Place - Cooper Haase of Osceola State 1st (2x), KO 2nd, GFC 2nd, NHSCA 3rd
3rd Place - Bryce Kresho of Cass State 1st, State 2nd, State 3rd, Fargo 6th
4th Place - David Panone of Lassiter H.S. State 1st (2x), State 3rd, Fargo 6th
5th Place - Ronald Theilacker of Palm Bay State 2nd
6th Place - Blake Walker of Lake Gibson State 4th
1st Place - Jack Crook of Jesuit State 1st, State 3rd (2x), Ko 1st, Flo No. 8
2nd Place - Brennan Van Hoecke of Palmetto Ridge H.S. State 1st, State 2nd (2x), Ironman 3rd, KO 1st
3rd Place - James Latona of Thompson HS State 1st (2x), State 2nd, Brian Keck 2nd
4th Place - Tyler Nelson of Mt. Pisgah Christian School State 1st, State 2nd
5th Place - Tyler McKnight of Cass State 2nd, State 5th
6th Place - Brandon Cody of The Master`s Academy State 4th, NHSCA 7th, Fargo 5th, KO 5th
1st Place - Caleb Henson of Woodland, Cartersville State 1st (2x), Super 32 1st, Fargo 1st, Flo No. 1
2nd Place - Michael Kilic of Woodward Academy State 1st (3x), NHSCA 1st (2x), Fargo 1st, Flo No. 11
3rd Place - Dominic Bambinelli of Mill Creek Fargo 4th, Fargo 6th
4th Place - Jeremy Paradice of Colquitt County State 1st, State 2nd, State 4th, NHSCA 5th, NHSCA 7th
5th Place - Seth Larson of Flowery Branch State 1st, NHSCA 1st
6th Place - Kendrick Hodge of Somerset
1st Place - Brendon Abdon of Lake Gibson State 1st (2x), GFC 5th, Ironman 7th, Super 32 8th, Flo No. 14
2nd Place - Colby Cochran of Woodland, Cartersville State 1st, GFC 1st, Super 32 6th, Flo No. 15
3rd Place - Roman Garcia of Palmetto Ridge H.S. State 2nd, Fargo 3rd (2x), KO 5th
4th Place - Colby Dalon of Lakeway Christian Academy State 1st (2x)
5th Place - Tyler Secoy of Columbus State 3rd, Fargo 8th, NHSCA 6th, Brian Keck 4th
6th Place - CADE SOUSA of Creekview State 3rd
1st Place - Frank Solorzano of Lake Gibson State 5th
2nd Place - Cory Cannan of Barron G Collier State 4th
3rd Place - Conor McCloskey of Buford HS
4th Place - Riley Orr of Ft Pierce Central State 6th
5th Place - davis deal of Winter Springs State 6th
6th Place - Ethan Gomez of Hagerty
1st Place - Mathew Singleton of Woodward Academy State 1st (3x), NHSCA 1st (2x), KO 1st, Flo No. 2
2nd Place - Brian Burburija of Countryside State 2nd, Fargo 5th
3rd Place - Hunter Adams of North Hall State 1st, NHSCA 4th
4th Place - Joseph Nicolosi of American Heritage School State 2nd
5th Place - Josiah Jenkins of Jesuit
6th Place - Dominic Martin of Clay State 6th
1st Place - Sergio Desiante of Jesuit State 2nd, State 3rd, NHSCA 6th, KO 3rd, Flo No. 20
2nd Place - Luke Cochran of Jefferson State 1st
3rd Place - Cayden Bevis of Lincoln State 3rd
4th Place - HUNTER JONES of Hewitt-Trussville State 1st, State 3rd
5th Place - Dustin Gue of Skyline State 4th
6th Place - Charles Higdon of Woodland, Cartersville State 3rd
1st Place - Sawyer Bartelt of South Dade State 1st, State 2nd, Fargo 1st, Fargo 5th, KO 1st
2nd Place - Sammy Brown of Jefferson State 2nd
3rd Place - Robert Tyre of Clay State 5th
4th Place - Morvens Saint Jean of Ft Myers
5th Place - Uriah Virzi of Paducah Tilghman State 5th (2x)
6th Place - Chris Hawkins of Hewitt-Trussville State 6th
1st Place - Chase Horne of West Laurens State 1st (3x), Super 32 1st, Fargo 2nd, KO 1st, Flo No. 3
2nd Place - Ethan Vergara of Mater Lakes Academy State 1st, Fargo 7th, KO 3rd
3rd Place - Matthew Jimenez of Somerset State 2nd, GFC 1st, Brian Keck 3rd, KO 5th
4th Place - Gabriel Jacas of Ft Pierce Central State 1st
5th Place - Austin Foye of Palmetto Ridge H.S. State 6th
6th Place - Marcelo Rosario of Miami Southridge Hs

2021 Team Scores
1   Jesuit    208.5
2   Cass    157.5
3   Lake Gibson    138.5
4   Palmetto Ridge H.S.    136.5
5   South Dade    126.5
6   Woodland, Cartersville    125.5
7   Charlotte Hs    116.0
8   Buford HS    110.0
9   Jefferson    108.5
10   Thompson HS    106.0
11   Jensen Beach    95.0
11   Southwest Miami    95.0
13   Woodward Academy    93.5
14   West Laurens    90.5
15   Mater Lakes Academy    90.0
16   Colquitt County    84.5
17   Ft Pierce Central    84.0
18   Eastside    78.0
19   Somerset    73.5
20   Creekview    72.5
21   Hewitt-Trussville    69.5
22   Osceola (Kissimmee)    69.0
23   Skyline    68.0
24   Clay    67.5
25   Palm Bay    67.0
26   Columbus    58.5
27   North Hall    58.0
27   Oglethorpe County    58.0
29   Barron G Collier    56.0
30   Paducah Tilghman    54.0
31   Christopher Columbus H S    53.5
32   Mt. Pisgah Christian School    51.0
33   Lakeway Christian Academy    50.5
34   Wellington Community Hs    48.5
35   Ft Myers    48.0
35   Winter Springs    48.0
37   Miami Southridge Hs    46.0
38   American Heritage School (Delray Beach)    45.5
39   Spain Park Hs    40.0
40   Mill Creek    39.0
41   Flagler Palm Coast    37.5
42   Hagerty    37.0
42   Lassiter H.S.    37.0
44   Countryside    36.0
45   Lincoln    35.0
46   Archbishop Rummel    32.0
46   Freedom    32.0
48   Heritage    31.0
49   Bartram Trail H.S.    27.5
50   Buchholz    27.0
50   The Master`s Academy    27.0
52   Harris County    24.0
52   Manatee    24.0
54   New Smyrna Beach Sr H S    23.0
54   Walton    23.0
56   Doral Academy    21.0
56   Vidalia    21.0
58   Flowery Branch    17.0
59   Venice    16.5
60   Merritt Island    16.0
61   Celebration    4.5
62   Dunbar H.S.    4.0