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Girls State Tournament

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on: January 14, 2022, 09:00:21 AM
I am glad we are making progress but these weight classes are a disservice to our young ladies that have wrestled the boys weights all year. We should have established these weights at the beginning of the season. Some teams will now have to tell a young lady that has wrestled every weekend that she can't participate in the Girl's Invitational Tournament. Weight loss plans may not allow a lady to get to these weights.

Subject: 2022 NCHSAA Women's Invitational

I just got word from Que that the board unanimously approved the 2022 NCHSAA Women's Invitational. The event will begin on Friday February 4th at the RISE Indoor Sports in Advance, NC. We will contest all rounds UP TO the Consolation and Championship finals. Those final rounds will be contested on Saturday February 5th at the Fieldhouse on the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in conjunction with the NCHSAA Dual team state finals.

 I have begun adding teams to the tournament however If you have a woman on your roster and do not see the event AND the green envelope on your schedule, please let me know and I will add you. That may be faster.

Each team with a wrestler entered in the Invitational will receive an info packet upon arrival, that will include your armband (2 per school but names must be submitted prior).

12 weights will be contested and each weight class will be a 16 man bracket. Placing 4. Seeding will be based on placement in the 2021 Women's Invitational (points system similar to the current regional seeding) as well as current women's rankings. Those ranking do take into account both Varsity and JV matches, as well as whether those matches were against men or women. If you are the 17th woman in a bracket and there is room above or below, I will reach out to you with the opportunity to move weight classes. Registration will close on 1/25 at 11:59PM. No exceptions. Coaches names must be submitted to me by 1/25 as well. Coaches, please make sure that all records and athlete information is correct when submitting the athletes in the tournament.

The weight classes that will be contested are:

The state has determined that IF an additional heavyweight bracket is needed, based on actual weight, that will be added and the bracketing for that weight will be finalized once final weights have been recorded on Friday 2/4 before wrestling begins

. To begin preparing NC for the sanctioning of women's wrestling, the following federation rules will be followed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-You may only enter ONE wrestler from each school, per weight.
-The same weigh-in rules will apply to the Women's event that apply to the Regionals, etc.
     *There will be no moving weight classes on the day of the event.
     *You cannot leave the weigh in area
-The women DO receive the 2lb growth allowance for this event.

RISE Indoor Sports
419 Twins Way
Advance, NC 27006

The Fieldhouse
1921 West Gate City Blvd
Greensboro, NC 27403

Weigh Ins - 3:30 PM
Wrestling Begins at 5:00 PM

Weigh Ins - 7:30 AM
Wrestling Begins at 9:00AM

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Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 12:56:07 PM
Why would you penalize the girls for seeding purposes?  Utilizing JV matches (preliminary matches) where the total time wrestled is less than six minutes should not count towards seeding.  What about the girl who wrestled 20 (more or less) varsity matches against the boys and has a losing record and is told you didn't make the cut but this JV wrestler gets to wrestle in your place?

This is not a way to get more girls involved and this is a short sighted, bureaucratic typical move by people who should already have sanctioned Girls Wrestling at the High School level.

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Reply #2 on: January 20, 2022, 09:58:42 AM
The JV matches are between girls. Two girls who aren't in the actual varsity line up wrestle prior to the varsity dual in an exhibition match can report their head to head wins over other girls. Not all girls can make the starting varsity line up. We do have several in NC who can. They are tough as nails and common sense will be allowed from my understanding and will put those girls at the 1 seed/high seeds even though they may have more losses than other girls who havent competed against the boy all season.

The real issue here is that girls finals will be at a different venue 45 minutes away from the day before.  We will have our 9th graders at the NC USA state tournament that saturday (Which is where the girls tournament starts friday) so one coach will have to drive separate and take any girls who make the finals over to greensboro early that morning leaving the other coaches pretty short handed.

Teague Little

Lumberton Senior High